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Rowan Witt


(Original Australian Cast) 

The Book of Mormon

"Witt's performance alone is reason enough to see this show."

- Au Review

"Let Rowan Witt, who is the standout in

The Book of Mormon, get the award he deserves." 

- Sydney Morning Herald

Rowan Witt red carpet opening night of Book of Mormon in Sydney

"Rowan Witt is a knockout!"

- Daily Telegraph

"Rowan Witt is utterly hilarious.

His whole body language is an aching love letter to the glory of showbiz."

- ABC News

"The Book of Mormon is incredibly funny,

but also touching - thanks in no small part to a sympathetic performance by Rowan Witt."

- Limelight Magazine

"Rowan Witt as Elder McKinley
is nothing short of hilarious."

- The AU Review

Rowan Witt prepares back stage with Luke Nichols at The Book of Mormon (Scott Rudin / Ann Garefino / Trey Parker / Matt Stone))

- Chat 10 Looks 3

"Rowan Witt basically steals the show."

- The AU Review



(Sydney Premiere) 

STA nom.png

"This is a near-faultless production and

Witt's performance is a wallop in the gut!"

- The Music

"The standout performance in Gloria

is given by Witt, with some of the most detailed characterisation I've seen."

- Theatre Travels

Rowan Witt stars in explosive theatrical play, Gloria

"Rowan Witt is quite brilliant!"

- The Audrey Journal

"Witt's natural ability and extensive 

experience is evident as he authentically delivers a truly faultless performance start to finish."

- Theatre Travels

"Transfixing and terrifically performed. 
Witt is excellent!"

- Theatre People

"Witt’s representation of a man changed

and a man lost is remarkable."

- Nightwrites

Gloria by Brandon Jacobs-Jekins staring Rowan Witt and Justin Amankwah


(Hayes Theatre Co.) 

STA nom.png
BWA nom.png
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She Loves Me
She Loves Me starring Caitlin Berry and Rowan Witt as Georg Nowack and Amalia Balash.

"Witt is Dashing!"

- Daily Review

"Rowan Witt is so charming.  

There is a reality and groundedness

to his portrayal which has no overt

yearning or sloppy sentimentality. 

His creation is human and competent

and relatable."

- Sydney Arts Guide

"Witt is utterly endearing.

A consistently brilliant performance."

- Broadway World

"Rowan Witt as Nowack is superb!

He’s the image of glowing, boyish charm."

- On The Town

Behind the scenes at She Loves Me, starring Rowan Witt as Georg Nowack
Opening Night at She Loves Me by Bock and Harnick

"An absolute delight!

This performance attests to Witt’s

wonderful talent."

- Theatre People

"Enchanting in every aspect,

and breathtakingly good."

- Sydney Arts Guide




"Witt is the kind of actor

that musical theatre needs!"

- Aussie Theatre

"Swaggeringly macho,

Witt gives a very convincing portrayal of Bernstein, who gets high on the general macho posturing and snaps in a

surprisingly brutal moment."

- Jo Litson

Australian Premiere of Pasek and Paul's, DOGFIGHT, starring Luigi Lucente and Rowan Witt
Into The Woods



Victorian Opera's productin of Sondheim's INTO THE WOODS starring Rowan Witt and Melissa Langton

"Rowan Witt brings a depth of detail to Jack beyond any performance I’ve seen to date."

- Limelight Magazine

"Witt is a talent to watch.

His performance is terrifically crafted, ensuring that he’s not just funny, he’s believable too.

It’s rare to come across a young singer who can find so much detail in a role without ever pulling focus."

- Clive Paget

(ViacomCBS’s first original Australian series)


Television Show Still - Rowan Witt TV show

The Very Best of TV:

Top recommendation for Paramount+ 


- Sydney Morning Herald

Television still of Rowan Witt and Ketherine Parkinson

Most Underrated TV Series Of 2021
"It's a bloody funny series

with a brilliant Australian cast. "


- MamaMia

Still - Katherine Parkinson, Rowan Witt

Selected for Best Comedy

at TV Series Festival, SERIES MANIA


- Series Mania

Spreadsheet Cast Bar - Still - Ryan Shelton, Katrina Milosevic, Rowan Witt, Katherine Parkinson, Stephen Curry


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